Old Black Man Poured Boiling Water On Gay Couple While They Slept

The fact that this isn't being recognized as a hate crime is insane.

Martin Blackwell, a 48-year-old old georgian trucker came home from work one night to find two gay black men lying next to each other. The mere fact that the two men who were in a relationship at the time, and were in bed next to each other, set him all the way off to the point of attempted murder. This old head poured boiling, hot water on a gay couple as they lay asleep in bed…I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that just make your stomach turn?

It’s evil that he took it it upon himself to pass judgment on the same-sex couple who were not a threat to him. One has to be truly inhumane to even think another human being deserves having boiled water thrown on them for being gay. Now he has to spend his miserable life in jail….

Blackwell received 40 years for the hate crime and as a result of his actions, the gay couple now have to deal with a great amount of pain on a  regular basis due to the severe burns they received from the vicious attack.  But let’s be real, 40 years in prison is not enough time for such a despicable act. However, I simply can’t think of a punishment that would be good enough for such a monster but hopefully he will learn his lesson in prison..if you know what I mean.