The Funniest And Realest Relationship Goal Memes To Share With Bae

Because who doesn't enjoy making fun of the hopelessly romantic?

Of course, everybody dreams of finding their other half have one day, someone perfect to spend the rest of their life with but nothing beats having someone in your life to share funny relationship goal memes with.

When you get in a relationship and slowly start becoming like the person you’re dating. Who hasn’t experienced this?  It’s pretty much expected that you and bae will eventually morph into each other’s twin. Even celebrity couples have been through this very same thing: see Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow who dated in the 90’s for reference.

When you’re a strong independent guy who doesn’t need anybody. If you find that your man is having second thoughts on the relationship this meme should do the trick.

 When you and bae are assholes but sweethearts to each other. Yup, pretty much. I can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors at the West-Kardashian residence….afterall, it’s been rumored for years that they secretly hate each other on the down low.

When you’re in a relationship but he makes more money than you. Okay, so maybe this shouldn’t be considered relationship goals. In fact, this relationship meme is just downright sad; however, this abusive dynamic does happen to a lot of vulnerable, desperate women who willingly get into relationships with men of power thinking their man will never betray them. Major tip for all gold diggers out there: Karma is real and will come back at you if you continue to be thirsty

Barbie and Ken are relationship goals to a lot of naive young women but even they have their issues. Just look at the meme above featuring the plastic duo, after about a month into the relationship, Barbie and Ken’s relationship is perfect but then after a year of dealing with each other not a single damn is given. Barbie is even seen on the toilet naked, with no clothes on and Ken is standing to the side, brushing his teeth like she ain’t even there. Still relationship goals?

And last but not least, this meme is pretty evil but it’s a caution tale for many lovers out there to never be too comfortable with your significant other and always watch your back because you just never know when your boyfriend/girlfriend will turn against you. Just sayn’


All the best to you and your bae!